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Pier D will feature 10 loading bridges covering an area of over 22,000 square meters and will open its doors in July 2021. Passengers will be able to reach Pier D directly from the “Main Unit” (T2M) and it will be a place for both domestic and international flights. The building will also feature commercial and gastronomic premises, a playground, an area for art and culture and aid stations for passengers with reduced mobility. The space is inspired by the Atacama region, mirrored in its range of warm colors and panels inspired by the light, energy and strength of northern Chile.

Discover the new shops and restaurants

Check out the new shops and restaurants: Pier D offers several locations to make your experience at the airport unbeatable. Here you can find 2 food and drink stores, 4 retail stores and Duty Free.


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Discover D Pier

Discover Pier D: This video will show you the progress made in the construction of Pier D.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You enter through the main unit (T2M) and after going through the immigration and security control, you turn left (towards the east) until you reach a junction where you will have to turn left (towards the north) and then, through a connector, you will reach pier D.

  • We always recommend arriving 2 hours ahead for domestic flights and 3 hours ahead for international ones. It doesn’t matter whether your flight is at the existing terminal or at pier D, this won’t change.

  • Indeed, in order to access international boarding, whether it be the current room or pier D, you must pass the immigration control carried out by PDI (Investigative Police) and the boarding access control carried out by the Civil Aviation Authority.

  • Yes, you can find several shops, restaurants and duty free at pier D.

  • We at Nuevo Pudahuel want you to stay in touch with your world. In April 2016 we launched a free and unlimited Wi-Fi service in the current terminal, and we will keep this pledge in the international terminal. The only difference is that when you enter the new piers you will need to log into a different Wi-Fi network.

  • The airport is undergoing an expansion process and the surface area will increase from 100,000 m2 to over 300,000 m2. However, you will find moving walkways starting from the last bridge of the current terminal to the end of pier D, which amounts to 216 linear meters at boarding level.

  • Pier D will provide a space specifically devoted to art and culture, featuring rotating exhibitions and interventions.

  • The structure does not only feature new retail outlets to further enhance your shopping experience, but also restaurants, a playroom and more spacious and bright spaces. Moreover, together with its 10 new boarding bridges, Pier D will make operations easier.

  • The two bridges allow the operation of two aircraft, with a wingspan of less than 36 meters (such as an Airbus 320 or a Boeing 737), independently. They also allow -for aircraft with a wingspan of less than 65 meters- both bridges to be connected to the same aircraft allowing boarding or landing through both gates.

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