Nuevo Pudahuel

E Pier offers 12 passenger boarding bridges on a surface of more than 26,700 square metres and will be open during the second half of 2019. During its initial phase the passenger flows will reach the pier from the current terminal, through the connector, or corridor, located by gate 10 on international departures, and then crossing C Pier on its eastern side. Check-in, migration and security processes remain the same during this first phase.

The pier has more than 1,600 square metres dedicated to retail space, of which 250 square metres will be allocated to Duty Free areas. The structure will also have PRM assistance zones.

E Pier has been inspired by the region of Los Lagos, and this is reflected in the structure’s blue palette and decorative panels.

Discover the new shops and restaurants

E Pier has a myriad of shops and restaurants to ensure that you enjoy your airport shopping experience. In terms of restaurants and cafés, you will be to choose from brands such as Juan Valdez, Ruby Tuesday, or Eric Kayser, with its first branch at the Santiago airport.

We will also welcome brands such as Samsonite, Huawei and Sol y Alpaca, as well as new branches of brands that are already operating at the airport, such as Britt Shop or Delicia.

  • Juan Valdés
  • Thinking
  • Samsonite
  • Sunglass hut
  • Delicia
  • Britt Shop
  • Huawei
  • Bohemme
  • Santiago Duty Free
  • Eric Kayser
  • Sol Alpaca
  • Premier
  • RubyTuesday


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Discover E Pier

You will be able to discover more more about the new E Pier, inspired by the magic of the region of Los Lagos in this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After going through migrations and security to access the departures lounge, you must head towards gate 10, where you will access C Pier through a connector or corridor. Once you reach C Pier, walk across on the eastern side towards a new corridor that will take you to E Pier.

  • We always recommend arriving two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. This won’t change regardless of the boarding gate assigned to your flight.  

  • No, the boarding process will remain the same. To access international departures, you must still go through migrations and security.

  • You will find a varied selection of shops and restaurants, including some brands that land for the first time at the Santiago airport. 

  • We want to help you connect to your world. In April 2016 Nuevo Pudahuel launched a free and unlimited WiFi service in the current terminal and we will continue to do so in the international terminal. The only different step is that you will need to connect to a different network after reaching C & E Piers. 

  • The airport is experiencing an expansion and the surface will increase from 100,000 m2 to more than 300,000 m2. However, you will find moving walkways in all the new areas. The old terminal is connected with moving walkways that go all the way to the end of E Pier.  

  • E Pier will offer a space measuring 4 m2 dedicated to art and culture with rotating exhibitions.  

  • The new structure will offer not only new shops and restaurants but also bigger and more luminous spaces. With its 12 new boarding bridges, E Pier makes operations easier. 

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  • More boarding bridges and additional spaces mean that through our commercial office we can open new routes as well as increase the frequencies in the current route while boosting the current operators.

  • Los dos puentes permiten operar dos aeronaves de envergadura inferior a 36 metros, como un Airbus 320 o un Boeing 737 de forma independiente, o en el caso de aeronaves de envergadura inferior a 65 metros, ambos puentes podrán conectarse al avión permitiendo embarque o desembarque por ambas puertas.