Nuevo Pudahuel



The remodelations that will bring the possibility to duplicate the airports capacity from 15 to 30 million passengers began in august. The construction of new parking spaces and works in the aviation area will be some of the new changes that will mark the last quarter of 2016 at the Arturo Merino Benitez airport.

In August 2016, New Pudahuel (NP) – the company that manages Arturo Merino Benitez Airport- started building a new international terminal. This will provide enough space to increase the total capacity of 15  up to 30 million passengers a year. This renovation, which will cost 900 million dollars, aims to give the users an integral experience at the airport and to reduce the airport processes times.

For the sake of users, the work has been scheduled in phases whit a previous mitigation plan to make the remodelation process as pleasant as possible. The construction will be parceled between Nuevo Pudahuel and the entire airport community. The first ones will focus on the creation of new parking lots and the expansion and remodelation of runways and taxiways, these last performed by the National Airport Authority. 

Although at first glance jobs are not noticeable, investments and changes by the franchisee have already started: free WiFi and access to digital books through the terminals Internet networks, are some of the innovations that Nuevo Pudahuel is implementing.


To exploit the full potential of the main gateway to Chile, the airport commercial area is also working. In the last few months, two new world-class airlines arrived in the country: Alitalia, which opened the Santiago-Rome direct route and British Airways which allowed a direct flight from Santiago to London. The rise of the air traffic in the last year brings the possibility that other companies manage to operate at AMB. In addition, the new airport face will not only be on the outside. The arrival of luxury shops, upscale restaurants and a greater mix of products will contribute to a radical internal change. "The important thing is to give customers the products expected (...). Rather than increasing the number of shops and restaurants, we are working on providing brands or products that will meet the needs or expectations that passengers have", said Nicolas Claude, CEO of NP.

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