Nuevo Pudahuel



Work progress:

  1. Start of construction of stage 2 Patagua: Construction began on the expansion of the Patagua parking lot when Aurelio Celedón Palma Street was demolished. Stage 2 of the parking lot will feature over 700 new parking lots with over 1,900 spaces available by July 2021.

  2. Construction start of T2 exit tunnel: Construction on the exit tunnel started by excavating and building foundations. The tunnel will feature a rainwater evacuation system using impulse pumps, a centralized CCTV system, among others, and will be equipped with 3 3.5-meter wide circulation lanes.

  3. Construction start of Transantiago structure: This stage sees the construction start of the project to be located in the Southern Remote Parking area, which will hold a total of 10 buses.




Work progress:


  1. Parking lot delivered to institutions that provide aid: The parking lot for public institutions comprises 354 spaces for the institutional block officials, which covers Customs, PDI, Police, among others. The completion of the works and their reception is planned at this stage.


  1. Expansion of the existing thermal power plant: Consequently, the new areas of the AMB Airport expansion have resulted in the need to air-condition these areas, leading to the construction of the thermal power plant expansion. This plant is being built in the same sector of the existing thermal power plant behind Holiday Inn hotel. Cold and hot water will be pumped from here to the new air conditioning units distributed throughout the piers and T2M. The extension consists of 3 large chillers (water-cooling equipment) and 4 large boilers to keep up with constant and fast demand. The completion of the works and their reception is planned at this stage.


  1. Expansion of the drinking water and fire-fighting networks: The construction of the new areas that comprise the AMB Airport expansion has created the need to expand the pumping and sanitizing system of the drinking water plant. That is why a new, state-of-the-art pressurization and pumping system is being built to supply the new and old airport facilities. In addition, this includes an upgrade to the sanitizing system -from "chlorine gas" to "sodium hypochlorite", which is a safer system. Completion of the work and its reception is planned at this stage.


Work completion:


  1. PDI and Police buildings: The new PDI building covers a total of 1,612 m2 distributed over three levels. It is currently over 95% complete and the final necessary check-ups are being carried out to ensure that each of the building’s systems and services are working properly.

    The Police building covers a total of 1,650 m2 distributed over two levels. It is currently over 90% complete and work is being carried out on the installation of ornamental lattices, devices and progress in the landscaping work around the building.
JULY 2020



Works in Progress:


  1. Advances international terminal: We continue with the installation of the facade in the building, which consists of thermo glass panels and fiber-cement panels. Inside the building we continue to advance with the installation of the electrical wiring. 


  1. EV chargers: The Express 2 parking building project includes chargers for electric vehicle, consisting of three double charging points. This installation departs during this quarter. 


  1. East piers: The east piers, structures that will house new departure lounges as part of the future international terminal project, show progress through the installation of their boarding bridges. Each pier will provide 10 contact positions, and will help us increase Santiago airport’s boarding bridges from 18 in 2015, to 67 in 2021.




  1. Solar panels: Santiago Airport will soon benefit from 2,500 photovoltaic panels with 825 kW of power located in T1, which will produce an annual average of 1,256 MWh, or the equivalent of lighting 500 homes. The project will be implemented this term.
APRIL 2020



Works in Progress:

  1. A Pier: A Pier is moving forward with the installation of the metal structure, as well as the installation of the roof.
  1. Advances international terminal: The roof will near completion during the first quarter of this year. Inside the building, we continue to move forward with the installation of BHS (Baggage Handling System).
  1. Transportation Center: The car park dedicated to Decree 80 (D80) has been emptied to proceed with the construction of the Transportation Center, a station dedicated to regional buses and official buses to and from Santiago that will improve the airport’s connectivity. D80 vehicles less than 2.10 meters high have been relocated to the Express 2 parking building, while D80 vehicles higher than 2.10 meters can park in Patagua.


Works in Progress:

  1. East piers: The D and F piers, located in the eastern area of the airport enclosure, continue their construction works, which during this phase include the installation of the roofs.


  1. Boulevard Express 2: The rooftop boulevard of the multi-storey parking building Express 2 is showing advances with the implementation of the metal structure for the art centre and commercial premises, as well as landscaping.


  1. Demolition of the old car parks: Following the inauguration of the Express 2 parking building, we have proceeded to close the old short and mid-stay car parks to move forward with the construction of the future parking building Express 1.  During this phase the ground is in the demolition phase.




  1. Express 2 parking building: This building, located where the old West short and mid-stay car parks used to be, offers more than 1,500 parking spaces on three levels, one of them underground, after its inauguration in October.   





Work in Progress:

  1. Demolition of Aerosan and Depocargo wharehouses:After the implementation of the Import Centre, we will proceed with the demolitions of the former Aerosan and Depocargo facilities. This will allow us to make progress with the construction of the east apron, south of the future E Pier.
  2. ESP (Western parking building):During this phase we will implement the final fittings before we open the parking area of this building. The roof terrace will be ready at a later stage.
  3. E Pier:This structure is undergoing operational tests to ensure its operativity ad portas of its inauguration during the second semester of 2019.



  1. Import Centre: This structure has celebrated the inauguration of Aerosan and Depocargo’s new facilities. This represents the first phase of the Import Centre, the facilities dedicated to FastAir will be opened next year.
JULY 2019


Works in Progress:

  1. ESP (Western parking building): This building will offer 1,500 parking bays on three floors after its launch during the second half of 2019. Currently we are making progress with the façades and signage.
  1. A Pier: The construction of A Pier is making progress with pavement and façade demolitions where the structure will be connected to the current terminal.
  1. E Pier: We have received the carpets and chairs for the boarding lounge, that pay tribute to Los Lagos region through their colour palette.


  1. Calle Pedro Pablo Dartnell: This street, formerly two ways, has been reopened. Traffic now flows on a one-way direction from west to east.
MARCH 2019


Obras ejecutándose:

  1. Buildings PDI and Carabineros: The works for the future PDI and Carabineros buildings will start during this phase. These works consider two buildings of 1,300 m2 each, with facilities such as kennels, office areas and an armoury.


  1. Works connector B – D: This connector, that will link the eastern piers with the current terminal, starts construction during this period. We will intervene the domestic arrivals area, including the stairs that join the first and second floors in the public area, followed by the relocation of the exit doors from the arrivals area.



  1. A Pier: The current international boarding lounge will be extended with a new pier before it becomes a domestic terminal after the inauguration of the future international terminal. This will be known as A Pier and will have 8 boarding bridges and will be linked to the current terminal near gate 15. This implies the closure of gate 14 for the upcoming works.





  1. Inauguration C Pier: This structure was launched on the 18th of December 2018. This is the first of 4 piers that will be part of the international terminal.


  1. Staff car park: The staff car park ES4, located near Pehuén car park, will open on the first of January. This means that the current temporary staff car park on Sánchez Besa will close after this date.


  1. Bus stops ACO and ACP: These new bus stops will offer new spaces to people who reach the airport via public transport through Centropuerto or Turbus. The stops will be located on avenues Armando Cortinez Oriente and Armando Cortinez Poniente respectively.


Works in Progress:

  1. Subway branch: The new Subway branch will be located by gate 11 in international departures. The space is 15.8 m2 and will be inaugurated during November.


  1. La Pausa: The restaurant La Pausa, opened in September, has a space of 773 m2 and located on the public hallway, fourth floor.


  1. Swarovski branch: International departures is happy to welcome a new Swarovski branch in a space of 46 m2.


  1. Coach stop:Avenue Armando Cortinez Poniente now has a bus stop dedicated to coaches that undertake intercity services. This space is also available for coaches that operate routes from the airport to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar and crew transfers.


  1. International Lorry Car Park: This space has 20,000 m2 and is dedicated to lorries that operate in the international cargo area. It is able to welcome up to 64 lorries of up to 20 metres long. The access is through Osvaldo Croquevielle street.




Works in progress:

  1. Import Centre: We can now start the construction works after the site was vacated and handed over. This structure will offer a surface of 26,146 built m2 to Aerosan, Depocargo and FastAir.


  1. Pedro Pablo Dartnell: Calle Pedro Pablo Dartnell will be temporarily closed during the second term of 2018 to change the traffic flow. In the future PPD will be a one-way street and vehicles will circulate west to east.  


  1. Bus stops: Avenues Armando Cortínez Oriente and Poniente will have two new bus stops, one on each avenue, as well as improved pedestrian access.



  1. Decreto 80: Transport vehicles that operate under “Decreto 80” will be transferred to a new parking lot that offers 137 bays, located by the chancellery offices next to the current terminal.


  1. W extension apron: During the second term of 2018 we will determine the new configuration for W extension apron, that considers 15 aircraft parking stands. The stands consist on 5 for wide body aircraft and 10 for narrow body aircraft. This configuration will be active until April 2019.


  1. Taxiways: Papa Island 1 and Hotel taxiways will be ready during this term, improving airside accessibility.


  1. Diversions: Two road diversions will take place during this term, one on avenue Armando Cortinez Oriente and another one on avenue Armando Cortinez Poniente.
JUNE 2018


Works in Progress:

1. Truck Parking: Construction will begin on a new truck parking lot between Armando Cortínez Oriente and the existing primary area to increase the capacity of the export cargo truck waiting area in the southeastern cargo sector. This area will have an area of approximately 20 thousand square meters for parking 64 trucks and will be operational for the next high season of 2018.

2. Demolition of EOTC: When the new Patagua parking lot is made available, the extension of the cargo parking lot will be intervened by the construction of pier F.

3. Demolition of Taxi and Minibuses Parking Lot: To begin work on the future piers D and F of the new international terminal, this area must be cleared. Before starting the works, the services in this area will be transferred to the western sector of the airport during the second half of April.

4. Demolition of Rent a Car: With the new Rent A Car space, located between the future surface parking lot and Pedro Pablo Dartnell Street, the area where the vehicle companies used to operate will be demolished as a result of the construction of the piers in the western sector of the air terminal.

5. West Parking Lot Building: The opening of the new surface parking lot Patagua will allow the intervention of 744 parking spaces in the western area of the expresso-roofed car parks to begin work on the future west parking building, which will have a capacity for more than 1,500 spaces and will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

6. Land handover for Import Centre: Due to the construction of the new Import Centre, during the first week of April, part of the international cargo parking lot on the south-east side of the airport site will be handed over to start the preliminary works. Access for all buildings in operation in the southeast side of the airport will be maintained. The new international freight car park will be available for the next high loading season in 2018 but while this is happening, the international cargo trucks will be able to park in the parking lot of Bodega Sur Poniente, which has sufficient capacity.


7. Taxi and Minibuses Parking Lot: The delivery of the zone for public transportation located next to the Pehuén custody parking lot. With its start-up, the transfer will be executed from the current operations sector in the east wing of the airport.

8. Surface parking (first phase): During the first quarter of 2018, Nuevo Pudahuel will enable 60% of the new surface parking lot Patagua, which will be located in César Copetta Street, 800 meters from the terminal, and will have a capacity of 1,139 spaces.

The car park will have a specific area of preferential spaces for pregnant women, senior citizens and exclusive parking for people with reduced mobility.

For security reasons, the parking lot will have: a perimeter fence, security posts, security cameras, LED lighting, a guard at the entrance and routine police patrols.



Works in Progress:

1. Truck Parking: Construction will begin on a new truck parking lot between Armando Cortínez Oriente and the existing primary area to increase the capacity of the export cargo truck waiting area in the southeastern cargo sector. This area will have an area of approximately 20 thousand square meters for parking 64 trucks and will be operational for the next high season of 2018.

2. Demolition of Domestic Cargo Area: In order to begin the works of the future D and F piers of the new international terminal, this area of the north-eastern sector of the airport must be cleared, so that several structures where the operators of the platform services work must be demolished. When this happens, operators will be relocated and hold operations in their new warehouse in the southwest sector.

3. Demolition of Taxi Parking Lot: To begin work on the future piers D and F of the new international terminal, this area must be cleared. Before starting the works, the services in this area will be transferred to the western sector of the airport.


4. Employee Parking Lot: At the end of November 2017, the definitive employee parking lot will be operational, which will be located in front of the current Pehuén car park and will have a capacity of 747 spaces.

The entrance will be through Diego Barros Ortiz Street and will have two access ways and two exit ways. Everything will be properly signaled.

5. Taxi and Minibus Parking: The zone for public transportation will be delivered and it will be located next to the Pehuén custody parking lot. With its start-up, the transfer will be executed from the current area of operations in the east wing of the airport.

6. Truck Parking Lot: The new sector of national cargo parking lots and other aeronautical services will be south of the new South West Warehouse, in front of the Pehuén parking lot. This car park will be used exclusively for the operations of the South West Warehouse and future facilities in this sector. For smaller vehicles, there is a capacity of 165 parking spaces, of which 6 are reserved for people with reduced mobility, while 144 parking spaces are planned for trucks.

The entrance to the parking lot will be through Diego Barros Ortiz Street.

Furthermore, this new sector considers a vehicular access road to the western platform with a new AVSEC security control post.

7. Rent a Car Parking: The car rental companies will also be relocated. The new Rent A Car space will be located between the future surface parking lot and Pedro Pablo Dartnell Street, which will have access and exit lanes with access control devices.

These modifications will make it possible to clear the area where they are currently operating, which will allow the works for the new piers and connectors of the new International Terminal.

The sector will include an area for support facilities for vehicle rental companies, parking lots and internal roads.

8. Domestic Cargo Warehouse: Due to the clearance of the northeastern sector of the airport in order to begin works on the future D and F piers of the new international terminal, several structures will be demolished. This is so that the operators of the platform services, such as national cargo, courier, post and express transport, handling, maintenance and free warehousing, will be transferred to a new infrastructure: the south-west warehouse, which will begin operations at the end of the month.

It will be built on a metal structure base with prefabricated concrete pillars, covered with metallic panels and a metal roof. It will also have marquees on both facades.

9. Eastern Platform: In the eastern sector of the airport you can already see the construction and extension works of the aeronautical platform, specifically the fuel pits and concreting of the tiles.

The area will have an approximate size of 74,000 m² and will allow for five new aircraft positions to be made available by the end of the year, so there will be an extra capacity for the high season.

10. Overnight Platform: From December 2017, the western area will hold a new platform connected to taxiways, which will allow the positioning of several aircraft combinations: 8 code C's and 3 E's.

The creation of these spaces will add to the positions that will be closed by the construction of the eastern piers. It will be 111,000 m² in size.

11. Papa Taxiway: Directly related to the implementation of the South West Warehouse is the inauguration of Papa Street, specifically for the delivery of free warehousing. This road will allow the connection of the new warehouse with the current terminal and the transfer of airplanes on the air side to the new positions that will be enabled in December 2017: 8 code C's and 3 E's.



Works in progress:

1. Central processor of the international terminal: With the beginning of Works of the new International Terminal 2020 which will be located on the current long stay car park, the closing of this parking car it has been slowly until its final closing in May 2017, but Pehuén long stay car park it will be working located at the south-west of the airport. The parking car it will keep available with 800 spots until the end of May.

2. Surface parking car of the International Terminal: During the first week of may, workers will be moved to the new place where they could park temporally, this allows that the current parking car located in Aurelio Celedón Palma Street will be closed in order to start works for the future surface parking car. The new parking car will have 1.900 spots in 60.000 meter squared.

This stage does not affect to passengers because it makes far of the public.

3. Truck parking car: It will be build a new waiting space for cars and exportation trucks, it will have 64 spots and a service area with control access.

4. Fast Air demolition: at the end of May and during June it will make the demolition of the current Fast air larder for future works, specifically, a side of the new International Terminal, that side will be 15.000 meter squared and it will have ten door, this will allow to current and future airlines work better.

5. Westerly Breaking-in track: the airports management will make the extension of the Zulú breaking-in track. This will increase track capacity, time of operation and security

Already available:

6. Pehuén Long Stay Car Park: since April you can see advances in Pehuén long stay car park, it will be located in south-west of the airport in Diego Barros Ortíz Street. The works that are making are the inside street of the parking car, it will have two access and exit ways. At the ending of July, this parking car will be available with 900 spots continuing with works for the New International Terminal 2020.

7. Drifting in Armando Cortínez Oriente Avenue: the opening of the Maitén long stay car park and the works in current long stay car park, two main changes will make in Armando Cortínez Oriente Avenue.

The first change will be the works to make a drift in the access to the airport, before the short and mid stay car park. Passengers will continue have two ways to come to this parking car and the departure floor. The new road will be mark with traffic signs.

The second change will be with the opening of the new entry to the current long stay car park by Aurelio Celedón Palma Street, it will have two entries. For this works the street has an only direction, from east to west. When works will finish the current entry will be closed permanently, but the exit, will be the same.

8. Provisional parking car for workers: During the first week of May worker will have to park in another provisional place, it capacity it will be 620 spots, it will be located next to customs building, it price will be free. If you have to park there you have to take Armando Cortínez Oriente Avenue and turn to the left in Pedro Pablo Dartnell, after 200 meters it will be the entry.

The opening of the provisional parking car will allow the current workers parking car, located in Aurelio Celedón Palma Street will be closed in order to star with works to the future International Terminal 2020.

9. Westerly platform complement (B06): at the ending of February is working the Isla A service, this place can park five airplanes (C code), with a magnitude smaller than 36 meter, also, two others (E code) with a magnitude between 52 and 65 meters.

Its location will help to reduce times of distant departures because the distance it will be shorter to the current terminal.

MAY 2017


Works in progess:

1. Central Processor of the International Terminal: In the beginning of the construction of the New International Terminal 2020, which will be located in the current Long Stay Car Park, the preliminary works will take place: spadeworks, demolitions and excavation. Due to this preparatory works, parking spots will star to close gradually until it’s definitive closing in May, 2017, date in which the new Pehuén Long Stay Car Park, at the south-west side of the airport, will be already available.

2. International Terminal Car Park: On April, 2017, the spadeworks will begin (task installation, demolitions and excavation) for the construction of the new area for surface car park, which will be located at the south side of the future International Terminal, making the connection with the East and West Armando Cortínez Avenue. The surface car park will have an approximately area of 60.000 square meters, with capacity for 1.901 vehicles. The revenue to the parking will be through its south side.

This works will not cause any impact to passengers since it is executed in a non transit sector where the services are already relocated.

3. Employees Car Park: The removal of the soil and the task installation has begun to make the car park operative on the first fortnight of April. His location will be on the western sector of the airport between the street Sanchez Besa and Pedro Paul Dartnell. It will have capacity for 625 spots and will be free with controlled access and a different way for the arrival and the exit.

4. Truck's Car Park: The new sector of the domestic load car park and other aeronautical services will be located on the south side of the new South Western Warehouse, opposite to the future Pehuén Long Stay Car Park. This area measures about 30.000 square meters and its use is destined, generally, for minor vehicles and trucks. For the minor vehicles there are 165 spots whereas for the trucks there will be 144.

The revenue to the parking will be through Diego Barros Ortiz street and will have an access way to the western platform with a position for AVSEC control.

5. Eastern Load Car Park:  A new area of parking places will be constructed on the south part of the SAG entrance to increase the capacity of the car park waiting area for export load trucks of the south eastern sector. This area will have a surface of approximately 20.000 square meters able to house 64 trucks.

6. Western Platform: The western platform will be extended to house the Piers A, C and E on the south western sector of the terminal, adding a new platform towards the south side. This new platform will remain connected to the Zulú taxiway through the south side and will allow to park several combinations of aircraft, with a maximum of 9 planes type E or 6E + 5C planes. The principal aim of the platform is to give room for those aircraft that have to pass the night at the airport which an available area of 111,000 m ².

The aircraf piers will have different aptitudes to house planes:

- E aircraft pier will have a capacity of 4E+4C or 12C.

- C aircfrat pier will have a capacity of 4E+2C or 10.

- A aircraft pier will have a capacity of 4E or 8C.

At the south side of the Pier E and at the north side of the Pier C is also projected two positions for the A 380 aircraft (Code F).

7. Eastern Platform: The development includes an aeronautical load platform on the southern side, expanded towards the south eastern side of the existing load facilities, which will have an area of 208,000 m ². This will allow the location of 7 freight planes (Code A), contemplating even the alternative use to park two aircraft for special operations (Code F).

The new configuration of the terminal building requires to expand the existing eastern platform towards the western one, in the spaces between B-D and B-F piers, completing it towards the south  side of the export  terminal.

The F pier will have a capacity of 2E+6C or 10.

8. West Taxiways (DAP): With the extension of the platforms, the taxiways will also be extended. This are the spaces for aircrafts to move from the runway to the parking position. The Zulú taxiway, parallel to the Runway 17R-35L, that connects the Runway 17L with the Papa taxiway, is going to be extended towards the 35L side by the Airport’s Authority (DAP).

Beside connecting the 17R-35L runway with the west platform, the parallel Zulú taxiway will provide a higher efficiency in aeronautical operations and on the safety.

Already available:

9. Maitén Long Stay Car ParkDuring the second half of March, the Maiten Long Stay Car Park will be operative and located in the revenue sector of the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport. The new parking place will possess a capacity of 1.100 spotss and will have an area of 32.000 square meters.

For parking users there will be a bus stop in the Sanchez Beza street where free shuttle buses will gather passengers to take them to the terminal, and vice versa, every 10 minutes.

10. Northern Provisional Car Park: At the end of January, the North Provisional Car Park, located in the Armando Cortinez Oriente street, will start operating. The parking will bring 166 new spots which will duplicate the quantity of the current parking spaces. The parking will have LED illumination and also a shuttle bus.

11. Pehuén Long Stay Car Park: In May the new parking of long stady will be operative. It will have approximately 900 squares. From this place there will be free shuttle buses that will gather passengers and will take them to the terminal, and vice versa every 10 minutes. 

12. Armando Cortínez Oriente Diversion: Due to the works, the airport’s users will have to take a diversion in the Armando Cortinez Oriente Avenue to get to the Short and Mid Stay Car Park or to the airport third floor (departures). The users will still have two different ways to arrive to these places which will be perfectly indicated with transit traffic signals.

13. West Platform Complement (A Island y B06): The Island A, a platform complement to park planes and to mitigate the west platform temporary closing, will be operative during the second half of February. It will have an area of 1.800 m2 and place for five aircrafts Code C, which have a maximum wingspan of 36 meters. At the end of February, when  the B06 Complement will be operative, the quantity of parking spots will increase to seven with two positions for planes Code A (from 52 to 65 meters). The parkings will possess lighting.

The planes code C will be supplied with trucks and the planes code E with ducts, more acquaintances as pits.

His location will diminish the time for remote load passengers as the distance will be shorter than now.

14. Telecommucation Center: The new telecommunication's court which will give coberture to users of the current terminal and the future International Terminal will start to work. When it becomes operative the existing one will be eliminated. 



Projects under construction:

1. Piers C and E and their connectors: these piers are the new departure lounges for the new west international terminal. For his implementation, the first step is the demolition of the asphalt and concrete pavements. The pier C will have an area of 23.350 m ² and the pier E 18.090 m ². With them we will be able to construct 22 boarding gates. The pier E will be exclusively for international departures whereas the pier C will have the choice to also operate national flights due to his strategic location, which is between the old and the new terminal. The change of use will be realized according to seasonal and hourly requirements. At the same time, we will construct the connector to join the piers with the current terminal.

2. Improvements in the current terminal: improvements in AVSEC security control of the national departures and international arrives. Two different accesses will be constructed in each side of the arrives lounge hall, one of it for preferential use such as limited mobility people, pregnant women, old people and airport employees and the other one for the rest of the people. When this improvements end the process for passengers in their arrival would be: duty free – baggage belt – SAG (Customs).

3. Remoted safe-keeping car park: the earth’s removal labor and the solid material fill process still continues for the future surface car park which will provide more than 900 positions. From this place there will be a free shuttle bus available every 10 to 15 minutes to transport passengers to and from the terminal.

4. International terminal car park: about 1.900 surface spots will be constructed in front of the new international terminal. The current employee’s car park is going to be relocated on the south part of the same central sector. There would also be shuttle buses which will make an internal route through the airport.

5. Partial interventions in the Short and Mid Stay Car Park: partial works to improve  the duct system. Also new east and west car park exits.

6. Thermal plant, electrical substation and technical gallery: extension of the current thermal plant and of the electrical substation. The thermal plant is in charge of generating cold and warm water to feed the air conditioning equipments of the current and the new international terminal. In the other hand, the technical gallery makes the connection to distribute the electric power and it also has generators to produce electricity in peak hours or to serve as back-up. The electrical substation is for the current terminal and would be expanded to supply the new international terminal. During the execution of the works a minor number of spots for car park will be eliminated at the Short Stay Car Park.

7. Telecommunication center: this consists on a court of telecommunications antennas that give service to users of the current and the new terminal. When it becomes operational the existing one will be eliminated, therefore it is not going to generate inconveniences for passengers.

8. Colector C: a drainage water collector located in Avenida Armando Cortinez Oriente.

9. West Taxiway (PAPA): new taxiway parallel to the runway 17R-35L with connection to the west platform and the taxiway Zulu. These works will allow better and faster aircraft movements. The PAPA measures will be of approximately 3 thousand meters of length and 25 meters of width.

10.  West taxiways (DAP): extension of the Zulu taxiway parallel to the runway 17R-35L. New area which will make it easier for airplanes to move from the runway towards the platform. West taxiways are also being extended due to the extension of the same sector platform, improving the flow of the aircrafts.

11. Runway preservation (DAP): routinary maintenance of the asphalt taxiway from the south sector of the runway 17R-35L to the taxiway Uniform in his north side. The runway 17R-35L will be closed during the works execution (25 days) so the runway that will be in use is the 17L-35R. Consequently, in the schedule peak time of national flights (07:00-09:00) there will be more wait time for aircrafts to take-off.

12. Fuel system of west platform (SIAV): a system to supply fuel to the new aircraft parkings on the west platform.

Aditional works taking place:

13. Provisional South Car Park: works still continue to enable a temporary car park of approximately 1.100 spots in the entrance of the airport. From this place there will be a free shuttle bus available every 10 to 15 minutes to transport passengers to and from the terminal.

14. Provisional North Car Park: works still continue for a new provisional car park located in the north-east airport sector with a capacity for approximately 170 new places. From this place there will be a free shuttle bus available every 10 to 15 minutes to transport passengers to and from the terminal.

15. Collector B: the principal function is to conduct the rain water of the new buildings on the central part of the airport and on the extension of the west platform to evacuate water in the south airport side. It will have a length of approximately 1 kilometre.

16.  West Platform Complement (B06 e Isla A): on 22 nd of December the Island A will be operative, which is a platform complement to park airplanes and mitigate the temporary closing of the western platform. From that date five aircraft code C will be able to park, these are those which enter in the range from 24 to 36 meters and when the complement B06 becomes operative on 15th of Februart, the quantity will increase to seven spots. It will have an area of 1.800 m2. The parking will have load fuel and lighting systems, and his location will diminish the times of remote loading passengers since the distance will be shorter.

17. South-Western Warehouse: the new warehouse will have an approximately surface of 15.000m ² and will give place to the postcard, handling, maintenance and storehouse services. The airport operators displacement will be specifically owed for the east piers works and their respective new international terminal connectors.

18. Improvements on the Eastern Load Sector: improvement in the traffic flow and an expansion of the trucks and emplyees spots for parking during the high season of fruit exportation.




Projects under construction:

1. Temporary Car Park, south side: The first phase contemplates the creation of a new car park area to ensure that the current number of parking spaces remains constant and at the same time accommodate construction needs. The 32,000 m2 space located by the main airport access area saw topsoil removal works and will be subsequently filled with solid material to convert it to a car park which will be able to accommodate approximately 1,100 vehicles. Nuevo Pudahuel is committed to offer a number of parking spaces similar or higher to the amount that was available before the construction works began, and thus contain the impact that the expansion works might have on the car park. A free shuttle bus will be available every 10 to 15 minutes to transport passengers to and from the terminal.

2. Remote Long Stay Car Park: Preliminary works for a new car park with capacity for 900 vehicles are due to commence in the south-west area of the airport compound, the first phase will consider soil removal and solid material filling. A free shuttle bus will be available every 10 to 15 minutes to transport passengers to and from the terminal. The completion of this structure might generate minimum waiting times due to a traffic light located by the intersection next to the concrete plant.

3. Temporary North Car Park: Expansion of the EOTC car park in the northeastern area of the airport compound, with a capacity of approximately 170 spots. A free shuttle bus will be available every 10 to 15 minutes to transport passengers to and from the terminal.


4. Skychef y Transvip:  The first constructions are the Skychef and Transvip buildings, which will take up 8.164 m2. The works will be realized by the CJV construction company, and it will have an approximate duration of two months. In the activities of demolition there are contemplated the retirement of two sheds of metallic structures, the metallic closures, inner doors of sliding panels and of drifting, and they will all be sent to the Aeronautical Civil General Direction (DGAC) to be re-used. The materials product of the works will be demolished and sent to an autorized rubbish dump. These works will not cause any interference in the traffic routes of East and West Armando.