Nuevo Pudahuel

Airline Incentives for new routes

  • Conditions and Rates

    Special Rates applicable to the new route

    1.    Open a new passenger route that has not been operated on a regular basis by an airline in the twelve (12) months prior to the commencement of the operation of the new route.
    2.    With regular flights from the AMB airport that are either direct or that make technical stops without picking up passengers.
    3.    With a minimum frequency of two (2) weekly flights.
    4.    Operation start date during 2018.
    5.    Flight operation of at least five (5) continuous months.
    6.    That the airline is up to date with its payment obligations to Nuevo Pudahuel.
    7.    That the airline carries at least one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) passengers per year in its national and/or international operations, directly or through one or more of its related entities under the terms established in Article 100 of Law No. 18,045 on the Securities Market.


    In regard to special cases of seasonal flights, the duration of which is extended once the operation of the route has begun, the following conditions must be respected:

    -    That at the moment of their opening they comply with the above general conditions, with the exception of item (5) and for which the trading period is extended to at least five (5) months.

    -    The Special Rates and the rest of the Incentive Conditions will commence with the publication of the extension of the period of operation of the new route, not including the previous months in which the flight has been operational. Additionally, the airline may not request the retroactive application of the Incentive.


    It is specified that the Incentives may be attributed to two or more airlines for the same route, provided that such airlines: (i) fully comply with the conditions set out herein, and (ii) commence operating the route with an interval of less than two (2) months, so that the first flight of the new route of the last air carrier receiving the Incentive is operated no later than two (2) months from the first flight of the new route of the first air carrier receiving the Incentive. In this case, the special rates will have, for all airlines, a duration of twelve (12) months from the first operation of the route operated by the first beneficiary airline


    Special Rates applicable to the new route


    The Incentive will consist of the application of the following special rates for a maximum period of twelve (12) months from the start of the operation of the new route, as follows:

    (i)    (i) Special Fare of zero Unidades de Fomento (index-linked unit of currency )(0UF) for operating rights associated with the services the airline receives on the platform.

    Code Applicable flight rate
    Applicable flight rate
    vuelo *
    Aircraft (ICAO) Domestic (UF) *** International (UF) ***
    Codes A & B 0,00 0,00
    Code C 0,00 0,00
    Code D 0,00 0,00
    Code E 0,00 0,00
    Code F 0,00 0,00


    (*) For these purposes, "operation" means each time an aircraft is on a boarding bridge or on a flight deck, as appropriate, to prepare for take-off.  

    (***) IVA (VAT) not included


    (ii)    Special Rate of zero Unidades de Fomento (0UF) for the system of embarkation and disembarkation of passengers at the airport, including the use of boarding bridges and land vehicles for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers in remote locations. This applies for a maximum bridge usage time of three hours for international routes and one hour and fifteen minutes (1:15 Hrs.) for domestic routes. The Special Rate does not apply to the use of energy, water and air conditioning that will be charged according to the current rates.

  • Procedures and Commitments

    The Allocation Procedure

    Nuevo Pudahuel will allocate the Incentive to all those airlines that meet the criteria previously described.


    Commitments on the part of the beneficiaries and withdrawal of the Incentive

    Obtaining the Incentive will imply the following obligations for the beneficiaries:

    (i)    Full use of the exonerated amounts in advertising the new route, and in particular, 60% of the same in advertising in the concession area of Nuevo Pudahuel, investments which must be accredited with the corresponding certificates at least once during the time of receipt of the incentive;    
    (ii)    Fulfil all the responsibilities for obtaining authorisation for the operation of new itineraries from the DGCA;
    (iii)    The operating conditions of the new route must remain unchanged for as long as the airline benefits from the Incentive and may only be changed to increase the number of seats proposed or the frequency of the change;
    (iv)    Submit a letter requesting that the benefit be received and, in addition, send in advance and on a regular basis, the planned and carried out itinerary in order to to justify compliance with the terms of the Incentive.



(*) Valid from December 1, 2016.