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BIO-SANITARY MEASURES implemented at AMB airport, as well as the reactivation of flights and health protocols.


From October 1st, 2021, new changes in "Secure Borders Plan" of Chilean government are applied: 1. Quarantines: Passengers who show Mobility Pass upon arrival will stay five days at home or in hotels. Transit hotels will no longer be used. 2. Foreigners: Non-resident foreigners who hold a Mobility Pass may enter Chile. They must get it at least two weeks before the flight.

  • Floor markings indicating distancing: There are over 4,600 of these and they are located throughout the public sector on the 3rd floor and at the boarding gates.
  • Wearing a face mask throughout the terminal is mandatory.
  • Over 70 hand sanitizer dispensers equipped with information totems at the terminal.
  • Coppered check-in surfaces and other procedures: Copper decreases the virus’ lifespan to 2 hours vs. 48 hours on plastic.
  • Seat separation: Every other seat has been removed in order to keep the distance.
  • Separation acrylics in all check-in counters and sanitary customs.
  • Self-service luggage tagging booths.
  • Shuttle buses are disinfected twice a day.
  • Customer Service inspection for proper face mask wearing and physical distancing through megaphones.
  • Audio broadcast on airport's PA system every 15 minutes to give information on the preventive measures against COVID-19.
  • Safety video guidelines against COVID-19 on all airport screens.













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Puerto montt

Punta arenas



We strongly suggest that you always check directly with the relevant airline for flight information on availability, confirmation, reservations, etc.


If you travel across communes under stage 3 or higher, you must bring:

  • 1. ID card.
  • 2. Health passport (
  • 3. Face mask.

Mobility Pass: Allows interregional travel between communes that are at least in Step 2 (Transition) to any person who has completed the COVID-19 vaccination process, as established by the Chilean health authority. Effective May 26, 2021. More info:

For passengers from municipalities in Stage 1 (Quarantine), the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Health reports to passengers that given the COVID-19 health emergency, everyone must present their health passport –which you can get at– and only those who can show proof of one of these four purposes can travel (some regions may require a negative PCR test, please contact your health authority for more information):

Returning home:
By showing a certificate of residence issued by the neighborhood residents’ committee, as well as a bill under the passenger’s name for any service in the address where they are going.

Work purposes:
Submitting work credentials, as well as a certificate issued by the Virtual Police Station.

Medical treatment:
Submitting a permit from the Virtual Police Station.

Attending family funerals:
Submitting a permit from the Virtual Police Station.

For further information, please contact a "Salud Responde" at 600 360 7777


  As this information is highly subject to the changes imposed by each country regarding its borders, we recommend that you always check with the relevant airline for availability, flight confirmation, reservations, among others.

  • LATAM offers flights from Santiago to Montevideo, Asuncion, Buenos Aires, La Paz, Lima, Bogota, Guayaquil, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Miami, Sao Paulo, Madrid. Connection with Sao Paulo: Londres, Madrid, Frankfurt , México, Lisboa. Más info.:

  • IBERIA offers flights connecting Santiago and Madrid. (Please, check with the airline).

  • AIR FRANCE offers flights connecting Santiago - Paris. (Please, check with the airline).

  • KLM From January 23, 2021, flights from Amsterdam to Chile only (Please, check with the airline).

  • AMERICAN AIRLINES offers flights connecting Santiago - Miami. (Please, check with the airline).

  • COPA AIRLINES offers flights connecting Santiago - Panama City. (Please, check with the airline).

  • AEROLíNEAS ARGENTINAS offers flights connecting Santiago - Buenos Aires. For more information, please contact the airline.

  • AVIANCA offers flights connecting Santiago - Bogotá (Please, check with the airline).

  • SKY offers flights connecting Santiago and Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Bogota (Please, check with the airline).

  • JetSMART offers flights connecting from Santiago to Buenos Aires, Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Bogota, Cali (Please, check with the airline).

  • UNITED offers flights connecting Santiago - Houston (Please, check with the airline).

  • BRITISH AIRWAYS has cancelled all its flights until further notice. More information, directly with the airline.

  • AEROMÉXICO offers flights connecting Santiago - Mexico City (Please, check with the airline).

  • LEVEL suspended flights between Santiago - Barcelona since January 26th, 2021 (Please, check with the airline).

  • DELTA offers flights connecting Santiago - Atlanta (Please, check with the airline).


Who can enter Chile?
1) Chileans and foreigners living in Chile.
2) Foreigners not residing in Chile:
2.1) With validated Mobility Pass: to get it they must previously (at least two weeks ahead of the trip) perform the validation of their vaccines at (hipervínculo)
2.2) Without Mobility Pass: Exceptions contained in Decree 102 of the Ministry of the Interior.

Measures when entering Chile
1) With Mobility Pass: 5-day quarantine.
2) Without Mobility Pass: 7-day quarantine.
3) Quarantine at home (or hotel of preference). Transit hotels are no longer available.
4) 14-day health tracking of the traveler.

Further information:



From April 5 until July 14th, 2021: The entry of non-resident foreigners is banned.  Entry is allowed for Chilean and foreign residents, and non-residents foreigners from countries without community transmission, as defined by the WHO.

Upon the arrival of Chileans and foreign residents, the entry and quarantine measures in force since March 31, 2021, will apply. Minors traveling alone may quarantine at home, meaning that the 5-day quarantine in a transit hotel is not mandatory.

Among those that won’t be affected by this temporary closure of entry and exit are: - People entering the national territory for the sole purpose of continuing in transit to a foreign country. - Children or teenagers who were born abroad by Chilean or foreign parents who regularly live in in the national territory and who enter as tourists. This exception must be certified before the border control authority by means of the respective birth certificate dully apostilled or legalized. -People who carry diplomatic and official visas issued by the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



As of Wednesday, March 31 at 5:00 a.m. you must:

• Go to to fill out your Health Passport before traveling.

• Book a Transit Hotel for Travelers at the link on the same website, based on the available offer, for a five-day stay at the location to fulfill your mandatory quarantine.

• Chileans and foreign residents who left the country from the 28th onwards must book online and will be able to pay online. Accommodation expenses -whether at the transit hotel or the one authorized by the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Health- must be covered by each traveler. They will be able to pay online -through a link available at or at the airport to submit the voucher at the Health Customs.

• Chileans and foreign residents who traveled before March 28 must attach evidence of their departure from the country and the date on the website. This will be used to book a hotel free of charge. Nevertheless, these people will have the option to book a hotel other than the one they have been assigned, but in that case, they will have to cover all the costs associated with the hotel and must choose from the list of available establishments.

• Pay the costs related to the quarantine required by the sanitary authority for your entry into the country. This can be done through a link available at or by credit/debit card upon arrival at Arturo Merino Benítez airport*.

• Carry all required documentation and submit it before boarding the aircraft: Traveler’s affidavit and a negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours prior to boarding.

• Travel from the airport to the Transit Hotel for Travelers booked or arranged by the health authority. Airport staff will be in charge of the transportation.

• Stay at the Transit Hotel for Travelers for five days and have a new PCR test result taken on national territory.

• Complete the mandatory 10-day quarantine at home if your PCR result comes out negative. Isolation should be either individual or with the same group you traveled with.

• Transfer from a Transit Hotel for Travelers to a Health Care Residence if your PCR test comes out positive. Your stay is free of charge.

• Fill out a 14-day traveler tracking form upon arrival.



(Only non-residents foreigners from countries without community transmission, as defined by the WHO. For more information, please contact: "Salud Responde": 600 360 7777 or visit:

As of Wednesday, March 31 at 5:00 a.m. you must:

• Go to to book your hotel reservation and get your Health Passport.

• The Transit Hotel Reservation must be booked through website upon requesting the International Health Passport. There will be a link called Available Hotels, where you can choose an establishment to carry out the quarantine. This reservation is key for non-resident foreigners. They will not receive the Health Passport without it.

• Cover the costs associated with the quarantine required by the health authority to enter the country, such as lodging and transportation. This can be done through the link available at If you do not pay, the health passport will not be issued.

• Carry all the required documentation to board the plane: Traveler’s affidavit, a negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours prior to boarding, health insurance covering COVID-19 related expenses for a minimum coverage amount of US$30,000 and a hotel reservation voucher.

• Upon arrival in Chile, you will be transferred from the airport to a pre-booked Transit Hotel for Travelers. Airport staff will arrange transportation.

• Stay in the Transit Hotel for Travelers for five days and until you have a negative result of a new PCR test, which will be conducted on national territory.

• Complete your mandatory 10-day quarantine at home if the result comes out negative. Isolation should be individual or with the same group you traveled with.

• Travel from a Transit Hotel for Travelers to a Health Care Residence to perform your isolation if your PCR comes out positive. Your stay is free of charge.

• Fill out a 14-day traveler tracking form upon arrival.


How should the traveler’s quarantine proceed (citizens, residents, and non-resident foreigners)?

• The route to the quarantine location must be non-stop, avoiding interaction with other people and always wearing a face mask.

• In the quarantine location, isolation must be strict. There must be an individual room and bathroom to ensure that they do not have to share space with other members of the household and no visitors are allowed.

• Be vigilant in case of symptoms and comply with the 14-day traveler’s follow-up.


For more information, please contact: "Salud Responde": 600 360 7777 or visit:



Restrictions for travelers coming from United Kingdom or who have been in that country within the last 14 days:

1. The cancellation of all direct flights between the UK and Chile.

2. A ban on entry to all foreign non-legal residents who have been in the UK in the last 14 days.

3. The obligation for all Chilean and legal foreign residents on a regular basis entering the country, and who have been in the UK for the last 14 days, to undertake a mandatory 10-day quarantine in Chile.





In the case of non-resident foreigners who fail to present a negative result of a PCR Test for SARS-CoV-2 when entering Chile, the health authority may refuse entry to the country. Consequently, it will be the responsibility of the air company to carry out the transfer of the passenger to return him to his/her place of origin.

In the case of Chileans and residents who fail to present a negative result of a PCR Test for SARS-CoV-2 upon entry to Chile, they will be sanctioned in accordance with the local health code regulations and will have to comply with quarantine in a health residence. The costs of staying in the sanitary residence must be paid by the offender. Some exemptions could apply by the health authority if the passenger can prove the impossibility of taking a PCR Test for SARS-CoV-2 in the country of origin. Such authorization shall be granted by electronic means at the request of the interested party to the corresponding Consulate of Chile of the country where he/she is located. More information, with the respective authorities.

For more information, please contact: "Salud Responde": 600 360 7777



- Passengers will be transferred to a Transit Hotel, where you will stay for at least 72 hours, regardless of whether you already have a negative PCR result.

- Passengers will be able to leave after a 72-hour stay and a negative PCR result to complete your 10-day quarantine at home.

- Passengers must undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine, which cannot be waived.

- All costs associated with their entry must be paid by the traveler themselves upon getting their health passport before taking their plane to Chile.


New measures for international arriving passengers, starting Wednesday, March 31 at 05:00 am

According to Chilean health authorities, every passenger arriving from any country of origin will have to comply with a mandatory 10-day quarantine. During the first 5 days, passengers will be transferred to a transitional hotel where a PCR test will be performed. 

Costs will be in accordance with the following:

 If local/resident travelers began their trip before March 27 the stay at the hotel will be free of charge.
 If local/resident travelers began their trip after March 27, they will have to pay for the costs of a 5-day stay at the assigned hotel. The transitory hotel assigned will be set according to the availability of establishments at the time of entry into the country (The costs will be provided upon requesting the international health passport from the website or when entering the country).

If the PCR test result is negative, the remaining 5 quarantine days may be completed at the address of your choice. 
If the PCR test result is positive, passengers will have to quarantine at a sanitary residence, free of charge.

The measure that allowed the transfer of travelers entering the country during the first 24 hours in order to go to their final destination in another region of the country is no longer in effect. 



About Quarantine (VALID UNTIL MARCH 31st, 2021, BEFORE 5 AM):

• Passengers may quarantine at their own home,  at a family member's or friend’s home, without interacting with other people and always wearing a face mask.

- Isolation should be either individual or with the same group with who the passenger has traveled.

• Passengers may not spend time with other people who live in the same household nor have guests visit either.

• Passengers must be vigilant in case of symptoms and comply with the traveler’s 14-day follow-up.

• The health authority provides transitional residences in the Metropolitan Region, where every aspect is covered to ensure that passengers comply with their quarantine.

• The passenger may choose to quarantine in a hotel. In this case, they must specify the hotel’s information in the referral document.

• If the passenger lives in a region other than the Metropolitan Region, they may quarantine in said region, but they must travel there within 24 hours from their arrival to the country by public or private transportation, complying with the proper prevention measures.

• The health authority allows the passenger to get out of their home during the quarantine to have a PCR test conducted in the laboratory of their choice. If the result is negative, their quarantine can be lifted. Please contact “Salud Responde” at 600 360 7777 for further information.



International connections are allowed for all passengers (Chilean, residents, and non-residents). Upon arrival at AMB airport, the health authority will assist you during your sanitary control.

- If the passenger doesn't need to claim baggage and go through customs: No negative PCR test or other requirements to make this international connection is requested.

- If the passenger needs to claim baggage and go through customs: a negative PCR test is required, but not the health insurance (See more in "International Flight Arrival")


The method is RT PCR, real-time polymerase chain reaction, and the sample must be taken through a nasopharyngeal or saliva swab. In both cases, it must be taken by an institution validated by the Ministry of Health or the highest health authority of the country in which it is located. The examination or test of IgG/IgM antibodies in venous blood does not replace the PCR test.

The PCR test is mandatory for non-resident foreigners. The test must date back no more than 72 hours from the time the sample was taken and up to the departure time of the last flight to Chile.

The test must date back no more than 72 hours from the time the sample was taken and up to the departure time of the last flight to Chile.


COVID Health Insurance must be acquired in the country of origin, like any other travel insurance that provides coverage associated with COVID-19; and it must be presented before boarding the last flight to Chile. It must cover USD $ 30,000. Please contact the health authority for further details.


The transfer from or to AMB airport for non-passengers (i.e. companions) will depend on the stage in which the commune Pudahuel is at (where the airport is located) as well as the commune where they are coming from or going to. Check this website for more details:

Currently, since Pudahuel is under quarantine, passengers can travel by authorized transportation, being their air ticket the safe-conduct (only valid for the passenger). Passengers and accompanying persons can use their Virtual Police Station permit

In case a companion who is outside the Metropolitan Region (MR) and wishes to pick up/drop off a passenger at the AMB airport, while MR is in phase 1 or phase 2, this will not be possible since such mobilization would count as an "interregional trip" and for this, the trip must be accredited following what is established by the health authority (medical purposes, work purposes, funeral attendance or return home).

AMB airport has official cabs and transfer services operating 24/7, as well as buses with fixed schedules. More Official Transportation, here.


Aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters in their cabins, which remove 99.97% of particles and bacteria, including the Sars-CoV-2 virus. Moreover, the air inside an aircraft is completely renewed every 2 to 3 minutes. The airflow drags the particles from above to foot level (vertically), further lowering their concentration and preventing the air from mixing across the rows. That is why physical distancing is not decisive within the air cabins, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

All these measures, together with proper and mandatory use of face masks, make the cabins as sanitary as an operating room.


As AMB airport concessionaires, we do not handle all arrivals and departures from Chile. That is up to the Chilean PDI (Investigative Police). You can contact them for proper guidance at (56 2) 2708 2659 or through email:


At present, these are the restaurants that are operational:

- Public area: Danés, Brioche Doree, Dunkin’, Telepizza, Bon-Bon, Maxi K, Cervercería del Norte, La Pausa, Le Fournil.

- National boarding: Starbucks, Mc Donald's, Bricciole, Tamarugo.

- International boarding: Some restaurants may open depending on passenger traffic, such as Deli&Cia and Fritz.

Stores open (variable schedules): Farmacia Cruz Verde, Duty-Free, Victoria’s Secret, Maxi K, Mercado Gourmet, MAC, Tocs, Porsche Design, Top Sol, La Fete, Andes Gear, Bath & Body, Sunglasshut, Bobby Brown, The Body Shop, Swaroski.

Available services (variable schedules): TrueStar SecureBag, Global Exchange, Assist Card, Correos de Chile, Proteger tu viaje, Fotokina.

VIP lounges available: PrimeClass and Pacific Club in domestic and international departure lounges.