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Visiting Chile


You can do all sorts of activities in Chile, in different scenarios and for all tastes. Discover the main attractions that Chile offers to its visitors

  • Places and Activities

    Given its bizarre geographical characteristics, which give rise to extreme geographical, climate and cultural differences within a single country, Chile is well known for its combination of deserts, mountains, Mediterranean landscapes, subtropical islands, pampas, ice fields, fjords, lakes, cold forests and everlasting ice.

    Thus, visitors have different options for sightseeing or engaging in various activities and sports. You only need to choose carefully what area of the country you would like to visit.

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  • Natural Heritage

    With a protected area of nearly 15 million hectares (57.915 mi2) or about 19% of its national territory, Chile has shown a constant concern for its 101 parks, including national parks, ecological reserves and natural monuments spreading over all the regions of the country, from north to south.

    This provides for great diversity of flora and fauna, resulting in highly different landscapes which afford unique experiences on each visit.

    The most renowned places include the national parks Lauca (Region of Arica and Parinacota), Pan de Azucar (Atacama), Radal Siete Tazas (Maule) and Vicente Perez Rosales (Los Lagos), although by far the best known worldwide is Torres del Paine, located in the Region of Magallanes.

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  • Resorts & Beaches

    With 4,000-plus kilometers (2.485-plus miles) of coastline, Chilean beaches and seaside resorts have different features that cater for all tastes, whether on account of their climate, sea water temperature, type of sand or the quality of the waves.

    On this last point, it is worth mentioning that Chile is well known among surfers as many coastal sectors in the north and central parts of the country are areas with ideal conditions for surfing, standing out above other beaches such as Arica (Region of Arica and Parinacota) in the northernmost part of the country and Pichilemu (Region of Bernardo O’Higgins).

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  • Chilean Wine Routes

    Chile is one of the leading wine exporters worldwide. The morphology of the central region, characterized by wide valleys located between the Andean and the Coastal mountain ranges and crossed by rivers and channels that flow into the sea, delivers a unique topography and climate for the production and development of a wide variety of top quality wines.

    The main vine stocks cultivated in Chile include Cabernet Souvignon, Carmenere, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Souvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, all of which are well known and consumed in many countries.

    This is the reason why numerous tours are currently organized to visit different wineries so that you may learn about their history, wine-production process, traditions, wine properties, and even wine-tasting tours guided  by the enologists working at each winery.

  • Thermal Springs Routes

    Large geographic faults and high geothermal activity in the country have led to the formation of numerous thermal water springs, ranging from small outflows of warm water to boiling water geysers which may be visited anywhere in Chile, from north to south and from the Andes to the sea.

    This large number of spring waters and their individual characteristics has resulted in a variety of physical shapes: some appear as natural open-air ponds, particularly towards the northern part of the country, while others are surrounded by luxury hotel complexes.

    The best known options include the Termas de Puritama (Region of Atacama), Termas de Jahuel (Metropolitan Region), Termas de Cauquenes (Region of Bernardo O’Higgins), Termas de Chillan (Region of Biobio) and Termas de Puyehue (Lake Region). 

  • Fishing

    Although the best conditions for fishing are found in the south of Chile, fishing spots can be found throughout the country's territory.

    At any rate, the most outstanding lodges are located in the southern tip of the country, from the Lake Region to the Patagonia, an area that has become a world-renowned tourist hub for those who practice this sport.

  • Ski Resorts

    As the Cordillera de Los Andes rises in all its splendor within its territory, the central region of Chile is well known among ski lovers for some of the best ski resorts in South America.

    One of these is Portillo, a leading resort in the hemisphere and the oldest in the continent, located in the Region of Valparaiso. Also worth mentioning are those in the Metropolitan Region, such as Farellones, Colorado and Valle Nevado, which can be quickly accessed from Santiago.