Nuevo Pudahuel

C Pier, structure that has 10 boarding bridges, on a surface of more than 23,700 square metres of serviceable area, and 27,600 square metres of built area, opened its doors on December 2018. During its initial phase the passenger flows reach the pier from the current terminal, through the connector, or corridor, located by gate 10 on international departures. Check-in, migration and security processes remain the same during this first phase.

The pier has more than 1,900 square metres dedicated to retail space, of which 250 square metres are allocated to Duty Free areas. The structure also has PRM assistance zones.

Discover the new shops and restaurants

C Pier has a myriad of shops and restaurants to ensure that you enjoy your airport shopping experience. You can enjoy McDonald’s in international departures for the first time in the airport in a space of 380 square metres, as well as Juan Valdez, the bistro Mozzarella, and the bakery Farine.

La Cava del Vino offers the best selection of domestic and international wines, as well as tastings and delicatessen.

We are proud to welcome a selection of international brands that land for the first time in a Chilean airport, such as Ray-Ban and Pandora. You will also be able to continue enjoying old favourites already present in the current terminal, such as Licantai, Sunglass Hut, Mac Online, Britt, and of course Duty Free.

  • Mozzarella Bar
  • Britt
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Farine
  • Pandora
  • Ray-Ban
  • Licantai
  • Santiago Duty Free
  • McDonald's


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Discover C Pier

In this video you can discover C Pier, inspired by the island of Rapa Nui with its green colour palette

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After going through migrations and security to access the departures lounge, you must head towards gate 10, where you will access C Pier through a connector or corridor.

  • We always recommend arriving two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. This won’t change regardless of the boarding gate assigned to your flight.

  • No, the boarding process will remain the same. To access international departures, you must still go through migrations and security.

  • You will find a varied selection of shops and restaurants, including some brands that land for the first time at the Santiago airport.

  • We want to help you connect to your world. In April 2016 Nuevo Pudahuel launched a free and unlimited WiFi service in the current terminal and we will continue to do so in the international terminal. The only different step is that you need to connect to a different network after reaching C Pier.

  • The airport is experiencing an expansion and the surface will increase from 100,000 m2 to more than 300,000 m2. However, you can find moving walkways in all the new areas. On the third floor of C Pier this results in 190 metres of moving walkways, and more than 240 metres on the second floor.

  • C Pier will offer a space measuring 4 m2 dedicated to art and culture with rotating exhibitions.

  • The new structure offers not only new shops and restaurants but also bigger and more luminous spaces. With its 10 new boarding bridges, C Pier makes operations easier.

  • E Pier, with 12 passenger boarding bridges and the Western Multi-storey Car Park building with 1,500 parking spaces will open during the second semester of 2019. You can discover more on our newsletters on

  • More boarding bridges and additional spaces mean that through our commercial office we can open new routes as well as increase the frequencies in the current route while boosting the current operators.

  • Two bridges allow for the simultaneous operation of two aircraft with a wingspan smaller than 36 metres, such as an A320 or a B737. In case of an aircraft with a wingspan smaller than 65 metres, both bridges will be able to connect to the aircraft.