Nuevo Pudahuel


Arrival / Departure Formalities

  • What should I do to change the date or time of my flight?

    You should approach your airline offices. If you are at the airport, you can go to the ticketing counters located in the third level hall at the Passenger Terminal.

  • What documents should I submit to enter Chile as a tourist?

    Passport, which you must have to show at the international police counter at the time of your entry.
    Citizens of the following countries may enter Chile as tourists by presenting their national valid identity document: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. However, if these people want to later apply for a temporary resident visa in Chile, your Passport is required.

  • Is it necessary to carry out some procedure or any authorization before entering Chile as a tourist?

    Generally you are not required a visa or authorization to enter Chile as a tourist. However, for residents of some countries special authorization is needed, called "Visto de Turismo”, also known as "Tourist Visa" which can be requested at any Consulate of Chile.
    It is recommended if you wish to travel to Chile as tourist, please visit the Chilean consulate in your country of residence for information about the requirements for admission to the country.

  • What documents do I need to file if I want to travel with my under 18 years old son/daughter abroad?

    If the custody of the minor has not been carified by a judge, any of his/her parents or to a third party, the minor cannot leave the country without the permission of both parents, or one who has acknowledged. 

    If the judge committed tuition to one of the parents or to a third party, the son/daughter cannot leave the country but with the permission of the parent or third party who has been granted the tuition.

    If the personal care  of the son/daughter has been entrusted  to the father or the mother, the child will not leave the country but with the permission of the father or mother that’s has the legal care of the child.

  • What documentation that minors must carry to enter Chile?

    If the minor enters our country accompanied by both parents:

    • Passport or valid identity card.
    • Birth certificate or family book, attaching three photocopies.


    If the minor enters our country accompanied by only one parent:

    • Passport or valid identity card.
    • Birth certificate or family book.
    • Death certificate, in case of one of the parents death, and attaching three photocopies.
    • Notarial authorization of the father who is not traveling, giving consent for thedeparture of the minor, or the authorization of the competent family court, in original and three photocopies in any of the two cases.


    If the minor does not travel accompanied by their parents:

    • Passport or valid identity card depending on the country of destination.
    • Birth certificate or book family, enclosing three  photocopies.
    • Death certificate, in case both parents have past away, by attaching three photocopies.
    • Notarized authorization from both parents, giving your consent for the minor, in original output plus three photocopies.
    • Approval of the family court that, has given consent to the trip of the child, in original and three photocopies.

  • Can I make a connection between domestic flights?

    There are no direct connections between domestic flights, so after you disembark your flight, you should leave the domestic arrivals area and then go to the third level and do the check-in, bag drop and security process to access, the national departures gates.

  • Can I make a connection between national/international flights?

    There are no connections between domestic and international flights so you need to disembark your flight, leave the passenger arrivals area and head to the third level of the airport and perform the check-in, bag drop, security and emigration process in the international check in area.

  • What are the 'duty free shop'?

    They are stores, usually within airports limits, which sell foreign, national and nationalized goods, with the sole purpose of being sold for the use or consumption of the passengers of the aircraft which have a final destination an international one.