Nuevo Pudahuel

Community plan

Santiago airport AMB provides enormous benefits to Chile, and Nuevo Pudahuel believes that these should also extend to our neighbours, the environment and society in general. This is why Nuevo Pudahuel has created a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility plan focused on five areas: education, the environment, the elderly, employability, and the arts. We invite you to discover our programme and give us feedback and ideas to implement future projects.

  • CSR: Emergency housing

    CSR: Emergency housing

    64 emergency houses were built as a temporary solution for overcrowded households during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.


    An Airport for all

    Offering a support service to passengers with invisible disabilities such as autism, partial visual / auditory impairment, among others.

  • RSE: Huella de Carbono

    CRS: Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan

    Did you know that when you travel you leave behind a carbon footprint? We create 146 kg of CO2 every 100 km.

  • RSE: Bolsa de Trabajo

    CSR: Job Bank

    Did you know that Nuevo Pudahuel offers employment opportunities to Pudahuel neighbours?

  • RSE: Plan Educación

    CSR: Educational Plan

    Did you know that Nuevo Pudahuel volunteers support Pudahuel borough’s education and learning?

  • RSE: Arte en el Aeropuerto

    CSR: Art in the Airport

    Did you know that Nuevo Pudahuel supports emerging artists with a permanent exhibition for the community?

  • CSR: Free Digital Library

    CSR: Free Digital Library

    Did you know that you can download more tan 35,000 books at Arturo Merino Benítez Airport?

  • CSR: Book Swap

    CSR: Book Swap

    Why don't you swap your pre-loved book for one that you haven't read? Discover our airport book swap programme.

  • CSR:

    CSR: Climate Change And Carbon Footprint Reduction Policies