Nuevo Pudahuel

Wifi at airport

Nuevo Pudahuel is a place of experiences

Arturo Merino Benítez airport welcomes more than 19 million passengers a year, and we believe that each and every one of them should remain connected to their world. This is why we offer free and unlimited WiFi, with reconnection every 30 minutes, to transform the airport into much more than a place of transit – Nuevo Pudahuel is a place to enjoy.

The user declares accepting wilfully and knowingly that the of use of the Airport’s WiFi network will be under his/her own and sole responsibility. Therefore, and except in case of contrary legal norm, the user accepts that the Concessionaire of the Airport shall be exempted of all liability for any damages incurred, regardless of their nature, direct or indirect, expected or unforeseen, moral or material, which may result from the use by the user of the WiFi service, and/or of data or information transferred in the course of this action.