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Information for Passengers

Arrivals Formalities

Find out all you need to know about arriving at the airport, whether on international or domestic flights

  • National
    1. Luggage Claim

    If you are flying into Santiago on a domestic flight, you should go to the Luggage Claim area on the first level of the terminal building.

    2. Airport Transportation

    In the same area you will find authorized airport vehicle services you can use to leave the terminal without hassle.

  • International
    1. Reciprocity Tax

    Incoming passengers who hold an Australian passport should pay a Reciprocity Tax before going through the International Police security checkpoint, and then continue to Immigration Control.

    For more information about this tax, contact us at:
    +56 2 2690 1063

    1. International Police

    Passengers must submit their travel documents, i.e. passport or identity card, and the duly stamped visa as necessary, at International Police every time they fly into the country.

    International tourists are required to fill out a Tourist Card and hand in a copy of this document when leaving the country. Foreign residents in Chile must hand in a copy of this document upon their return.

    Please note that Chilean nationals are not required to fill out a Tourist Card when traveling.

    2. Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) Affidavit.

    Every person over 18 years of age who enters Chile through Santiago Airport (SCL), must fill out the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) Affidavit and indicate whether he or she is carrying vegetable and/or animal products in order to avoid the entry of pests and diseases that could harm agriculture.

    To avoid physical contact, the SAG has provided a Digital Affidavit available to passengers at or by a QR code available at the airport.

    Schedule your entry to Chile: declare before starting your trip or when entering the country through your mobile device.