Nuevo Pudahuel

Invisible Disabilities

At Nuevo Pudahuel we believe that all of our passengers deserve the utmost respect and guidance, especially now that we are working on attracting new airlines, enabling you to travel more.

We have a free service for passengers with reduced mobility, which you can reserve if you need it. However, we know that the airport belongs to, and is for, everyone, and we want to go further by offering a support service to passengers with invisible disabilities. This will help you to travel independently and make your stay at the airport more accessible. We have partnered with the Descúbreme Foundation and the scientific society, SOCATRI and the Apoyo Autismo Chile Foundation, to understand how we can support passengers with invisible disabilities.


If you are a passenger with an invisible disability, you can request your "An Airport for All" lanyard voluntarily and free of charge at the information desk on floor 3, next to door 2. With this lanyard, you will be able to receive personalised attention from our customer service team as you pass through the airport.

What invisible disabilities are included?

  • During the first phase, the project will support:

    • - People with autistic spectrum disorders
    • - People with partial visual impairment
    • - People with partial auditory impairment
    • - People with speech difficulties
    • - People with initial stage Alzheimer’s
    • - People with refractory paralysis
  • In the future we hope to be able to train our customer service team to include other invisible disabilities.

    If you are a passenger with reduced mobility remember that you can request the PMR assistance service here.
Mesa de información piso 3, junto a puerta 2.

When you wear the lanyard, our customer service team will identify that you are a passenger with an invisible disability and will be prepared to give you personalized attention, for example, explaining the boarding and disembarkation processes. Find out more in this video.


The autism spectrum condition is within the array of invisible disabilities. The world can be really confusing for people with this condition, and some contexts may seem difficult for them to understand. To make their transit at the airport easier, we have designed social stories, a support for both the person himself/herself and his/her family.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The lanyard identifies you as a passenger with an invisible disability. When our customer service team notices that you are wearing this lanyard, they will be ready to give you more support if you need it.

  • When they see the lanyard, our customer service team will be able to support you by offering personalized attention if you have one of the invisible disabilities listed above.

    Wearing the lanyard will ensure that the customer service team is aware that you could, for example: need more time to process information, react to sensory overload, need to be addressed with clear verbal language, need to be helped to read screens, etc.

  • If you are a passenger with one of the invisible disabilities listed above, we invite you to voluntarily apply for your lanyard.

  • You can order the lanyard at the 24-hour information desk located in the public hall, 3rd floor, next to door 2. Any customer service assistant, easily recognisable by their red Nuevo Pudahuel jackets, will be able to help you find the desk.

  • If you are a frequent traveller you can save your lanyard and use it again during your next trip. If you no longer need it, you can deliver the lanyard to our customer service team or return it to the information desks so that other travellers with invisible disabilities can reuse it.

  • That's right; this service is completely free and voluntary.

  • No, the lanyard does not give access to priority lines.

  • No, it's an orientation service for passengers with invisible disabilities. If you are a passenger with reduced mobility and need support  please click here.

  • In all areas operated by Nuevo Pudahuel, such as the public hall, as well other areas of the airport where you can find Nuevo Pudahuel customer support staff. These areas include the access to boarding after passing security and x-ray control, entry to PDI, entry to SAG and Customs, various points in both the domestic and international boarding lounges, etc.

  • The lanyard is white, with the logo of the “Un Aeropuerto Para Todos” program.