Nuevo Pudahuel

Travel Safety Tips

  • Arrive Early

    If you are traveling abroad, you are advised to arrive at the airport at least three and-a-half hours early. If you are traveling inside Chile, arrive two hours early.

  • Traveling with the Family

    If you're traveling with children, remember you must submit additional documentation at the International Police security checkpoint, such as the family record book, children's birth certificate or the other parent's authorization, among others.
  • Airport Check-in

    Always prefer online check-in prior to your flight, if your airline allows.

  • Boarding your Flight

    To avoid overcrowding, proceed promptly to the Departures Lounge after checking in at your airline counter. Make sure you have all your documentation handy.

  • Caution

    Do not take any sharp objects in your hand luggage. They are prohibited.

  • Liquids

    If you're traveling to the United States or Europe, you are only allowed to take 100 ml of liquids (liquids, creams, aerosols or gels) in your hand luggage through the DGAC (the Chilean Civil Aviation Authority) security checkpoint, except for baby foods or juices and medications bearing the passenger's name on the prescription label. Pack larger items in checked luggage or they will be confiscated.

  • Clothing

    Avoid wearing metal studded clothes, as they may occasionally set off a metal detector in departures lounges.

  • Luggage

    Do not pick up or accept anybody else's luggage. You might have trouble getting through the DGAC security checkpoint.

  • Foodstuffs

    Remember that you are not allowed to bring any foodstuffs of vegetable origin such as fruit and vegetables into the country.

  • Airport Transportation

    For your own safety, use only authorized airport vehicle services.

  • Documentation

    Before traveling abroad, find out what travel documents you need for departing from Chile through the International Police security checkpoint.