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Passengers with reduced mobility

Request for assistance

Arrival + Connection

* The meeting point will be at the door of the aircraft

  • BLNV

    These passengers are fully or partially blind, with or without a guide dog.

  • DEAF

    These passengers present hearing disabilities.

  • DPNA

    These passengers present learning disabilities.

  • WCHR

    These are passengers who need help getting from the aircraft to the terminal. They can board and move around the aircraft on their own.

  • WCHS

    These passengers need help getting from the aircraft to the terminal and also for boarding. They are self-sufficient inside the aircraft.

  • WCHC

    These passengers are not self-sufficient. They need to be accompanied to their seats and need complete personal assistance.

  • MAAS

    These passengers require assistance but present other types of disabilities not covered in any of these categories.

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In Nuevo Pudahuel we believe that your airport experience should be as pleasant as possible, this is why we are doing our utmost to ensure that our passengers of reduced mobility enjoy the highest service standards during their trip.

Who may use this service?

The service is aimed exclusively at those passengers whose mobility might be limited when using a method of transport due to any mental or physical disability, old age or any other cause for disability who may require special assistance to enjoy all airport services.

Please be aware that if you request assistance without meeting these requirements you will be hindering those people who really need it.

How to request assistance?

If you are a person of reduced mobility we encourage you to request our complimentary wheelchair and/or assistance service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You only need to fill in and send the form 48 hours before the your scheduled arrival time. If you fail to do this, please note that, while we will be delighted to help you, assistance might take up to 25 minutes before it is available. You may also request the service contacting us on +569-44104085; we recommend that you also contact your airline to ensure a seamless trip.

There are wheelchairs available at the information desk located on the main concourse, level 3, near exit 2. These may be borrowed for use in the public landside areas presenting a valid document (ID card, passport or driving licence).

Please read the terms and conditions in the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can request the assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility? Who qualifies as a PRM?
    • Any person who requires assistance for the process of boarding, disembarking and connections during their passage through the airport and / or for their transfer between access areas (public parking, bus stops, controlled route, etc.) and meeting points at the terminal. Assistance and help to passengers, including luggage transfers, will be granted to people with reduced mobility, that is to say to those who:
      1. - need a wheelchair
      2. - have their own wheelchair, but need assistance
      3. - can't get up and down stairs.
      4. - need a mobility scooter
      5. - have a visual, hearing, or intellectual impairment
      6. - require a stretcher, but no permanent medical or paramedic support.
      7. - need other supports and accompaniment.
      8. - another need that needs special attention
  • I have a disability and need assistance during my trip, how much notice do I need to give? Is this service free?
    • Services for people with reduced mobility are provided free of charge. We advise you to make a reservation by filling out the form a minimum of 48 hours before your trip to schedule your arrival. In this way you can ensure that the assistance you need is available at the time indicated and at the meeting point chosen for your boarding, as well as at the bridge or remote parking when you are arriving from a flight. Otherwise, we will still provide you with support, but it may take up to 25 minutes to provide the service.
  • I have already notified my airline, what should I do now?
    • Although the airline will inform us of your request, in order to help us provide you with a timely service according to your needs, please submit your request here or request it by calling the following number: +56 22-6901757
  • Will I be able to remain in my own wheelchair?
    • Airlines usually allow you to stay in your own wheelchair until you reach the aircraft door.
  • Will you help me get in my cab or take me to my car in the airport car park?
    • Staff providing assistance to persons with reduced mobility are not obliged to help you board your means of transport (taxi, bus, private car, etc.). However, staff can drop you off very close to your transport, as there are meeting points close to any means of transport.
  • A relative is taking me to the airport but won’t be travelling. Can he or she accompany me to my boarding gate?
    • In accordance with current civil aviation security regulations, access to the area behind security is limited to passengers with boarding passes accepted for travel with an air carrier. Therefore, if you are going to need help after checking in at the counters, please request the assistance service here or by calling the following telephone number: +56 22-6901757, indicating as a meeting point the corresponding Registration Inn.
  • Who will help me board and disembark from the plane?
    • Airline personnel will assist you in boarding the aircraft from the boarding bridge and in disembarking the aircraft at the bridge. In the event that your aircraft is using a remote parking lot (on the airport apron), the service will include escorting you inside the shuttle buses and transporting you to/from the aircraft door with elevator equipment, or stair lifts.
  • What should I do when I arrive at the meeting point I requested? (Request to be made 48 hours or more in advance)
    • If you arrive on time, a PMR assistant will be waiting for you at the meeting point, or will arrive a maximum of 5 minutes after the requested time in case of boarding. Your waiting time for disembarkation will be up to 10 minutes if you requested it more than 48 hours in advance. If you are more than 5 minutes late for boarding, please go to the Mesones de Registro (Registration Desks).
  • I forgot to request the service prior to arriving at the airport to board, what can I do?
    • You can go to the Mesones de Registro (Registration Desks) on the third level to request your assistance, where the waiting time for the service will be a maximum of 25 minutes.