Nuevo Pudahuel

Education plan

Arturo Merino Benítez Airport is located in Pudahuel borough and as such, the current airport as well as the future international terminal that is currently under construction by Nuevo Pudahuel will benefit the community, in this case local children.

The consortium believes that giving back to the local community is essential and this is why volunteers from Nuevo Pudahuel attend Liceo Ciudad de Brasilia high school to conduct a weekly EFL workshop. During 2016, the programme includes just English, but within the next two years we are considering other subjects so that the students will be able to complete internships at the airport and, if possible, become future colleagues in Nuevo Pudahuel and its partner businesses.

Additionally, Nuevo Pudahuel has donated 5 tablets, each loaded with 1.000 e-books, to the school library to share our love of reading with everyone.