Nuevo Pudahuel
  1. Principal Works

    1. Third quarter 2016: beginning of parking construction.

    2. Last quarter 2016: beginning of new west C and E international departure buildings construction.

    3. First quarter 2017: beginning of the construction of the central core of the International Terminal.

    4. Last quarter 2017: beginning of west parking building construction.

    5. First quarter 2018: beginning of new east D and F international departure buildings construction.

    6. First quarter 2019: beginning of the construction of the east parking building as soon as the west parking is operational.

    7. First semester 2020: International Terminal, east piers and connectors D and F continue being built.

    8. Second semester 2020: International Terminal central building continues its progress to be delivered by 2021. Completion of the construction of PDI (Investigation and Customs Police) and police buildings.

    9. First semester 2021: Construction finish of the Transportation Center, East Roofed Parking and the Drinking Water Plant.