Nuevo Pudahuel

Expansion Works

  • Introduction

    The 'Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez' Santiago Airport will undergo an unprecedented change in the next few years. The current terminal will be remodeled to provide more comfort and more leisure-oriented spaces, and will operate only domestic flights. In addition, its services will be progressively digital-enabled so as to shorten travelers' waiting time. The new international terminal will open in 2020, with more than 175,000 M2, increasing the airport's capacity to 30 million passengers a year, with a potential for 45 million.

  • More Space, More Technology

    Upon completion of the construction of the new infrastructure and remodeling of existing spaces, the Santiago Airport will feature more than 265,000 M2. These will be fitted with leading edge technology in every space, including unlimited complimentary WiFi for travelers at the airport. The passenger flow is expected to increase exponentially from 2,400 incoming passengers to more than 5,000 per hour.

  • Expansion of Departures Areas

    Waiting times before each flight will be drastically shortened by adding up new passport control counters from the existing 36 to 56, whereby the entire process will be cut down to about 10 minutes. In turn, with the inclusion of 32 new security control points it will take only seven minutes to clear each passenger and his/her hand luggage, thus increasing workload capacity by nearly threefold.

  • New Immigration Controls

    Arriving visitors or Chileans returning to the country will go through a quicker and more efficient process due to the implementation of 66 immigration control counters which will double the number of passengers that can be cleared at peak hours. On the other hand, clearance by the Agriculture and Livestock Service will also be revamped with 14 new control points so that waiting time does not exceed five minutes.

  • Additional Parking Spaces

    Parking at the airport will no longer be a problem. The existing parking lot can hold up to 3,700 vehicles, while total capacity after remodeling will accommodate more than 6,400 vehicles in its three parking options.